Another day, another race

Two glorious finishers with nice medals.

This Sunday we had our last race of the year, Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Luckily for us we had only signed up for the half marathon, 21.1 km.  A great thing about Nepal is that it greatly improved our cardio (high altitude training for the win). A less good thing about the Nepal trip is that it left us very little time to train for this race: we only had time to go for 5 runs before the big day, the longest being 14 km a few days before. Continue reading “Another day, another race”

Nepal 3 – vegan in Himalaya

Dal bhat. Rice, papadam, thin dal (lentil stew or soup), vegetable curry and fried spinach. Here served with pickled vegetables (sour and spicy).

One of our worries heading into the unknown that is a first trek in Himalaya was, “Being vegan, what will there be for us to eat?” We knew of dal bhat (rice and lentils) from our internet research but would that be all we could eat for two weeks? What if we were hungry the whole time? Read on to see how we fared… Continue reading “Nepal 3 – vegan in Himalaya”

Canadian thanksgiving (vegan)

Amazing Thanksgiving dinner

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving is some 6-7 weeks earlier than in the US. This year it occurred on Oct 9th (as opposed to Nov 23rd in the US). We celebrated together with Moah’s family who are currently visiting. For this occasion, we served pastry wrapped seitan with typical sides (which we, admittedly, have mostly picked up from American (read US) TV and friends, rather than Canadian traditions). Continue reading “Canadian thanksgiving (vegan)”

Nepal 2 – been there, done that, got the T-shirt

Two trekkers in front of Mt. Everest.

We are finally back in Toronto after 21 days afoot. It has been an amazing time (no diarrhea!) but it’s nice to be back. Over the following week(s) we will write a bit about our experiences and share pictures here on the blog. First out we’ll try to summarize our Nepal trip in this post.  Continue reading “Nepal 2 – been there, done that, got the T-shirt”


After a successful race it can be nice with a treat. We strongly recommend these delicious vegan brownies from Although the recipe only suggests a 25-minute period in the oven, we had to let ours bake for approximately 45 minutes (until knife came out clean). Enjoy!


Great race

Woop woop!

We made it! Finished the race two days ago. Not only did we survive but we are really proud of our results. A clear improvement from the previous two years. We felt fast and strong finishing. An overall time of 1h44min. Both of us thought the swim was the most tiring part even though it is the shortest distance and the first stage. Needs some improvement for next time. Continue reading “Great race”

Trying triathletes

Tomorrow we will compete in our third sprint triathlon: 750 m swimming, 20 km bicycling and 5 km running. The race takes place on one of Toronto’s islands and we’ll be swimming in the way too cold Lake Ontario (wetsuits, yes please!).

We still remember three years ago, lying on a sunbed at a spa drinking wine, tipsy-ly discussing our future as triathletes and how we would do a full Ironman before we turned 50. Continue reading “Trying triathletes”