Hawaii – O’ahu


Finally, we have achieved the holy trinity of having time, inspiration and remembering to write our third and final post about our Hawaii trip we undertook at the end of last decade.

After our packed stays on Big Island and Kauai, where we stayed in 5 different places in 10 days, we had planned for a more relaxing stay in Honolulu, Hawaii’s state capitol on the island of O’ahu. Continue reading “Hawaii – O’ahu”

Hawaii – Big Island

This year we have been married for 10 years (!). In order to celebrate, we decided to go somewhere we would never have dreamed of visiting, Hawaii. Located far, far from Sweden, it seemed like one of those destinations not made for us when we lived there. But luckily enough, we now live a lot closer, so we decided that this is the place to go when you’ve been married for a decade. After doing our research we decided to visit 3 islands and spend a total of 2 weeks there. Continue reading “Hawaii – Big Island”

Pain in Spain

We’re back in Toronto after our first adventure race. A brutal experience but incredibly rewarding. Tough and challenging but in the most magnificent environment. Verdant forests, rolling hills, late summer fields and open pastures. When we weren’t too exhausted and falling asleep, we made sure to enjoy the race, scenery and weather. Continue reading “Pain in Spain”